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A Guide to a Healthy Cryptocurrency Lifestyle.

Updated January 2019

Be Free

Financial FREEDOM is a smart goal that everyone should have. My goal is not only to help you navigate the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies but ultimately gain a peace of mind financially. This site has tools and services I use that have helped me in various ways like save money, buy stocks without fees, or even learn skills that created an additional stream of income.

Note: I Kris, the author does not recommend any particular guaranteed investments or specific profitable strategies. I am subject to all manner of error in judgment. Do your due diligence and own research. I warn you to be prepared to take full responsibility for your personal trades and holding of any digital asset. Don't spend what you are not willing to lose. Don't get too involved in something you don't fully understand.

My Favorite "Getting Started" links

Circle Invest Blog: Intro to crypto, and The Internet of Value
Circle Invest Blog: Blockchains aren't just for bitcoin.
Coinbase Learn: Discover Crypto.
Binance Academy Crypto. Made Simple.

What is Bitcoin? What is Bitcoin? Some things you need to know.
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Quick Steps

Step # 1. Get started with your FREE $10 worth of Bitcoin

Sign up with Coinbase and buy Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin with link below:
Sign up on Coinbase then buy or sell $100 of bitcoin or more and we will both earn $10 of free bitcoin!

Step # 2. Get an Desktop/Mobile Wallet or Exchange service account

Circle Invest: Mobile Wallet/Exchange. Desktop Wallet. Mobile and Desktop Wallet. US based crypto-currency exchange. Online crypto-currency exchange.

Step # 3. How to store, send/receive and trade digital coins

Option 1: Transfering Funds from Coinbase to Exodus Desktop Wallet: How To Video.
Option 2: Guide to Exodus Desktop Wallet: Step by Step Video.
Option 3: Sending from Coinbase to Bittrex: Trade Video.
Option 4: How to HD Wallet:

Instructions Provided by
Download a Jaxx Wallet if you have not already. Its a good idea to have PIN code, as well as a Password on Jaxx.

  1. Select you Ethereum Wallet in Jaxx and click on Receive - this would show you your address. Copy this address. As Jaxx is a multi currency HD wallet please ensure you have the correct cryptocurrency selected.
  2. Login into you Coinbase account.
  3. Go to the Send/Receive tab. Go to your Ethereum Wallet and enter amount to send. In the send address paste the receive address you had copied from your Jaxx.
  4. Confirm your address and send
  5. Go to your Jaxx Wallet - Amount sent should be there.

The Krypto Diet

The 5 Rules of Alt-coin Consumption (a buying guide) by Doctah Krypto.

Krypto Clinic is here to provide insight, guidance and the hands on know how to understand the fundamentals of digital currencies and blockchain technology. There are plenty of places to buy your first Bitcoin?" or articles on "What is a Bitcoin?". My favorite is "Is Bitcoin real money?". Bitcoin is one of many different cryptocurrencies. There is a term for this; Alt-coins. Since Bitcoin was the first of its kind, any other coin is an alternate currency or altcoin for short. Just like how there are different global currencies (like Japenese Yen, the Euro, and USD), online there exist different cryptocurrencies. Buying into various altcoins can be complicated but rewarding. Below is a chart that helps one identify which coin might be worth buying.

Created with Compare Ninja

Healthy Habits

  • Particpate in meet-ups and seek advice
  • Watch "How to" videos on youtube
  • Find info about blockchain tech
  • Read books and stuff
  • Takes breaks, water-breaks, coffe-breaks, whatever's your cup of tea
  • Do it all over again

The ICU: Intensive Crypto Unit

Webinars and Videos on keeping you healthy in this crazy crypto world.

Walk In clinic:

Cryoto 101 and Buying my first Cyrpto. (TBA)

Stress Manangment

How to remain calm when crypto things get complicated (TBA).

Too Much Water is not Good for You

Slow down on your crypto intake.(TBA)

Contact Me

Looking for other ways to get in touch to learn more? Please visit my page for more info. I love sharing and teaching!

Consulting Services Provided

  • Teach financial literacy 101
  • Training on Obtaining, Sending, Receiving and Storing digital assets
  • Tutoring on decentralized technology
  • Coaching on cryptocurrency portfolio diversification

Remember, Being FREE is not DUMB

Other Tools For Financial Freedom

Offers a micro investing service. It allows users to round up their daily purchases and automatically invest the change into a portfolio of index funds through its mobile application. Start investing with Acorns today! Get $5 when you use my invite code!

Stash Invest:
A financial technology company offering a mobile app with micro-investing services. It aims to simplify investing and make it more accessible. Here's $5 for trying it out!

Offers the Robinhood smartphone mobile app, which allows individuals to invest in publicly traded companies and exchange-traded funds listed on U.S. stock exchanges without paying a commission. Join Robinhood and we'll both get a share of stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint for free.
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My Story

Hey, I'm Kris Perez aka Doctah Krypto. A few years ago I finally made a decision to get involved with investing in digital currencies. Within a four-month span, in small increments (or what some may call dollar cost averaging), I have invested $1,150.97 across various cryptocurrencies (or what I like to call digital assets). Over time, the value of my entire portfolio combined increased to a worth of $20,474. That is a 1,678.85% increase within five months. I GAINED $19,323 within four months.!! Can your savings account with 1% APY do that? Since then I continue to experience growth. Investing in online crytpo assets can be complicated to understand for anyone, even for a techie person like myself. Today there exist hundreds of different digital assets, but before you get involved, the key is to read! Yes, read and do your own research and get your first coin. If you are ready to take that initial step but need help on getting started, I am available to prescribe the right medicine based on my research and experience. The crypto community is growing, and there is plenty of information available to learn about the future of digital money. It's time for a checkup my friends. Let that fatty-debt go and possibly gain some financial muscle with crypto-investments.

While all guidance given on this site is beneficial, please do your own research. By using this site, you agree that you have done due diligence on how these digital assets work before spending money and you are not to hold Kris Perez responsible for any issues relating to investing your money into cryptocurrencies. Understand that this site is intended for educational purposes only and is not for legal or financial advice. Thank you for your support.